Sitting Down and Messing Around

Posted on October 14, 2016

Health & Lifestyle

Sitting Down and Messing Around

The sedentary crisis

Sedentary lifestyles have become a growing global concern. Many people may be surprised to learn that human inactivity, caused by long hours in a chair, has a direct impact on life expectancy. If you sit more than 6 hours a day, you increase the risk of developing cancer, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Sitting is killing.

We now spend about 55 percent of our waking hours sitting down, whether that is at our work desks, dinner tables, in our cars, on public transport, or in front of our many digital screens. This is imposing major risks to our health and ruining our productivity. It is fair to say that this global crisis will continue to grow exponentially unless we tackle sedentary lifestyles at its source: sitting.

The only way to minimize the risk is to change the way you sit.


While there are many ways to stay active, such as working out, walking and playing outside, it is still hard to avoid sitting down completely. Our bodies are feeling the pain of being inactive; we need to move. By changing how you sit, you can actually help your body become aware, energetic and balanced. The solution is simple – the freedom to move.

The Varier chair


The innovative Varier chairs are made for healthy sitting that allow you to tilt, rock, turn, and pivot. By challenging every norm about sitting, we have been able to help people create healthy sitting habits that impact your overall wellness.  

Human beings need to move, so why not have a chair that can follow? Many of us try to move in our static chairs, we arch, swivel our hips, cross our legs or even tilt back on the back two legs of the chair. But is this actually doing anything? Unfortunately, small movements when you are already tense and ridged does not give you the freedom you need to regain focus and help your body stay active. 

Varier- it´s not a chair.



Varier is so much more than a motionless, restraining chair. It was specifically developed to promote movement while maintaining an active posture.

Movement increases blood circulation and core muscle stimulation, while your neutral spine is comforted by the chairs form. Increased blood circulation through movement not only helps keep the brain agile and alert, but also is crucial to keeping your spine young and flexible. The cerebrospinal fluid, which forms a barrier around your brain and spinal cord, is preserved by the chairs design, thereby keeping you safe and well. Varier encourages messing around, relaxing or maneuvering when you are sitting. Each Varier chair is able to follow your every move, regardless of where you want to reach.

Overall, sedentary lifestyles can be combatted with ergonomic chairs that fulfill the functionality needed to remain active while sitting. It is essential to remember that the majority of us sit for far too long, and using a Varier chair might just be the solution you need to remain healthy and fit. Given our shifting lifestyles, it is time to be pragmatic about the way we sit. So don’t just sit there, try a Varier.