Review of Move kids

Posted on November 28, 2016


Move Kids

Review of Move kids 


My 9 year old daughter Amelie has been sitting on the Move Kids chair while doing homework and occasionally during meals for nearly two months. Initially she had to test the chair. Amelie experimented with how high or how low she could sit, what happens if she didn’t have her feet on the floor, testing the balance ..... but it quickly passed.

Amelie now chooses the Move Kids chair over other chairs when it is available. The seat of the chair has a design that allows the pelvis to tilt forward. Her hip angle is open, which automatically helps to stretch the back and activates core muscles in the back and stomach.


Children often sit and dangle their legs or twine them around chair legs when they sit on a regular chair. With Move Kids legs must be placed on the base at all times, in wide-legged position. This provides a large support surface which supports stability in the upper body. This provides children with a good upright posture to work functionally with their arms while doing schoolwork.

Move Kids is an active chair. The base is gently curved, which allows continuous steady movement. Amelie often takes small breaks while doing her homework on a regular chair as she becomes unfocused. She takes fewer breaks when she sits on the Move Kids and she works concentrated in longer periods. It may seem like small natural movements chair allows, limit the motor unrest. It can be difficult to sit on an active chair, but the small continuous movement makes it not perceived as demanding as if the chair had stood in the same position.

Move Kids stimulates an appropriate seating position, providing good conditions for use of the body functional.


Karianne Naas, physiotherapist