Varier Furniture AS was founded in 2006. We designs and manufacture chairs that move with your body. With roots in the Norwegian company Stokke – renowned for the Tripp Trapp high chair – Varier was formed when the ‘Movement by Stokke’ range became an independent business. Movement is a central design element of every Varier chair. Our chairs can be found in the homes, offices, clinics and educational institutions of over 40 countries around the world. With subsidiaries in Italy and Germany, and exclusive distributors in USA, Japan and South Korea, Varier maintains a strong global presence.


  • Develop and implement PR and social media plan for Central Europe and Nordic in line with brand strategy and company guidelines
  • Produce content for all media channels, e-mail newsletters to customers and consumers, Public Relation, print material and social media. (Editorial and graphic).
  • Proactively work with press, influencers and bloggers. 
  • Measure and follow press coverage, share-of-voice and positioning to secure Varier value proposition.
  • Ensure that all digital content is optimized for search engines (web, mobile, social)
  • Develop digital ads 
  • Measure, evaluate and fine-tune digital campaigns and content marketing.
  • Manage the social media accounts and blog and initiate as well as react/respond to consumer communication online. 
  • Work together with our PR agency 
  • Responsible for internal communication


  • Education within marketing /communications 
  • Minimum of two years’ experience in similar role
  • Knowledge and ability to engage and capture the attention of the reader through the use of text, video and other graphical elements 
  • Excellent written and verbal abilities, in both Norwegian and English. 
  • Experience of SEO (search engine optimization) 
  • Forefronter in digital media communication and digital media trends.
  • Experience with photo/video editing programs, like Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro and DM tools like Mailchimp

Varier Furniture AS can offer competitive terms, as well as a creative and dynamic work environment. We are located in central Oslo.

For more information, contact VP of Marketing Linda Sunde Ødegaard phone: 93 25 11 08 or email

We look forward receiving your application and CV no later than September 18th

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