Glow tracker and app

Varier GLOW

Wearable technology for Move™ chair, Glow tracks and monitors your sitting activity and helps you develop healthy sitting habits.


The Glow tracker captures your every move.


The tracker discreetly attaches to the underside of your Move™ chair.


The Glow app captures the data from the tracker and monitors your every move.



Get your Glow on


Glow tracks, monitors and inspires. When you sit, the tracker captures your every move and visually displays your sitting activity in the for of a circle. The longer you sit, the larger the circle, and the more you move, the stronger the circle glows.Glow inspires you to develop healthy sitting habits, and provides encouraging feedback to help you understand the benefits of active sitting. You can also track your calorie consuption while sitting, and the app connects with your other iOS Health apps.


Glow strong!



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