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Posted on September 20. 2016



Dinner with Varier

Opening up the front door, smelling the divine meal, and knowing it was prepared just for you.

The soft aromas fill your nose and start to make your mouth water. As you float through the hallway towards the kitchen, you stop to take in the beauty that has unfolded before you. A mouthwatering meal has been laid out at the dining table and carefully placed besides the table, rest stunning chairs that simply beckon you to sit. You take a seat and in that instance you realize how the chairs flexibility conforms perfectly to your body. You reach across the table and squeeze your child’s shoulder effortlessly; it supports you regardless of how far you lean. There is space to extend back and stretch out after indulging in a heavenly meal. No matter where you reach, stretch, sink, or tilt, the chair is there for you, responding to each new movement. Following your lead and catching your small movements, that would otherwise leave you sailing through the air onto the floor.

As dinner winds down, conversation expands.

Everyone actively stays together, adding to the family narrative, engaging in meaningful discussions and excitedly talking about upcoming events. These moments mean the most. They inspire the best relationships and continue to shape the environment in an energetic way.  The chairs are merely a helpful hand in creating a unique feeling of warmness and love with your meal times. 

Whether you have invited long-time friends, first time dates or your family, the Varier dining chairs will bring active conversations and movements to your dining table. These eloquent and comfy chairs are made just for you, so enjoy your dinners wholly and let these chairs accompany you every step of the way.  

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