Growing in more ways than one

Posted on August 22. 2016

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Varier Kids

The summer is ending and school is beginning.

Children are woken up from a sound sleep to be bussed around and dropped off at school. This is where they sit for countless hours trying their best to remain focused and quiet. When they return home they have the option to do homework, watch TV, eat or play on the computer

Physical inactivity actually plays a role in academic achievement.

Students who move more throughout the day have significantly higher grades than those who remain still. Many researchers suggest that it is the balance between developmental needs of the adolescent (moving) and the environment (school or home) that is important. For example, their minds are fueled with creativity and curiosity, yet they have limited freedom to explore because of the constant battle to sit still. The answer may not lie in reforming everyday tasks, but rather allowing them to stretch and strengthen their muscles when playing and studying.

What to do now? Motivate.

By providing your child a Move chair, you are not only increasing their ability to retain information and heighten their creativity, but also reconditioning how they think about sitting. The Move chair allows for optimal movement, they can push the boundaries and have fun doing activities that would otherwise bind them to stillness. Kids need to embrace their energetic lifestyle and have fun doing it.

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