Ease onto intuitive mobility and supreme comfort

You and the chair


Choose your usual sitting height, or lift your body higher into an almost upright position

Your pelvis rotates forward, which helps maintain the natural curve of your spine

Balance and tilt easily from side-to-side, or back and forth in gentle micro movements

The open angle between your hips and knees aids blood circulation

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  • Fabrics


    Fame is a soft, strong & stretchable fabric.

    88% Wools of New Zealand / 12% Polyamide
  • Product spec
    Design: Salto & Sigsgaard

    Launch date: 2017

    Chair Measurements:

    Seat: W34xD37xH17cm, base Ø: 40cm

    Low gas lift                      SH 54-73cm

    Medium gas lift            SH 61-87cm

    High gas lift                           SH 70-92cm

    Box Measurements and Weight:

    Height 47cm, Length 34cm, Width 42, Weight 8kg

    User and User Areas:
    • Suitable for women and men
    • Optimal for a variety of activities that are to be done in a half standing, half sitting position
    • Home, work or creative studio
    • Standard desks, height-adjustable desks, bars, kitchens, etc.
    • Can be used studying, playing music, or as an additional chair

    Good for receptionists, hairdressers, dentists or architects

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