About Varier

About Varier

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Being the founders of movement sitting since 1979, movement has been the essence of our brand and a central element in every chair we design. Our theory about sitting is very simple: if we’re allowed to move, we move!

We continuously invest in innovative design that allows us to provide the best chairs for the healthy office, home and urban environment. We aspire to continue to excite our customers with original products designed to increase movement in their daily lives. Varier chairs give freedom of movement to the body, just as nature intended.

Jesper B Petersen

- CEO of Varier Group

About Varier

Movement is the essence of our brand, and a central element of every chair we design.


About Varier


You haven't lived until you've used one of these chairs. I so look forward to experiencing my Gravity Balans every chance I get. It's an old friend who allows me to completely let go and experience the subtle movements and shifts in my own body. And the way it opens up my spine is unlike anything I've experienced in another chair. 5-stars for sure!

Ben Kahloway

I have had this chair for a month. I got it to replace a chair I have sat in for years. My work requires me to spend hours a day facing a client and attending carefully. The change was immediate. I became aware of some ways that I was holding my neck and back that contributed to a chronic discomfort. The idea that the human body is designed to move really makes a lot more sense to me now. Even though I still spend frequent periods of an hour being present with counseling clients, the chair allows and encourages me to move and shift position frequently. Best thing I have done for my body in a long time.

Robert Beatty


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