Variableā„¢ balansĀ®

On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding this chair, together with manuals and videos describing how to use and build the chair

Q: Does the Variable balans chair require assembly?

A: Yes, the Variable balans chair require light assembly. Assembly instructions and the necesseary tools are eclosed in the delivery.

Q: What kind of table height is this chair suited for? 

A: Standard Table Height between 72-77cm

Q: I recently bought a Variable balans, but after a short while of using it, my knees hurt. What am I doing wrong? 

A: You might be sitting a bit to far forward on the seat, adding to much impact on the knees. Try shifting a bit further back on the seat, resulting in less pressure on the knees. Also, sitting on a Variable balans gives a brand new sitting experience compared to other chairs. The body needs to adjust and we therefore recommend a period of adaptation - start off by using it only 30 min - 1 hour the first day, then gradually more and more for each day. 

Q: I'm concerned the wood runners will create dents/scratches to my floors. What can I do? 

A: We offer soft tape, black or natural, tailor suited for the runners. You just tape them on your floors are protected. We recommend you dust them off occasionally, eliminating the chance of any debris getting stuck and creating friction. 

Q: My chair is squaking. What can I do? 

A: Most likely the squaking comes from the screws. After a while in use we recommend you re-tighten the screws on your chairs and you should continue doing so from time to time.

Q: I have an older Variable, without back. Is it possible for me to add a back rest? 

A: Yes, you can order one through one of our retailers. Before ordering, just check if the floor brace between the runners have a hole or not. If the hole is missing, you need to order one with a hole in addition to the back. 

Q: Is it possible to change the covers on my chair? 

A: No, the covers are non-detachable. However, it is possible to easily replace the complete cushions. Contact one of our retailers to make the arrangements. 

Q: I am missing a bolt/screw/part of my chair. Who can I contact? 

A: We kindly urge you to contact the Varier retailer where you purchased the chair. If that is no longer convenient for you, any of our Varier retailers are happy to assist you! You can find an overview of Varier retailers on the Find Retailers page of our website. If the product is purchased on our website, please contact Customer Service throught the Contact Us page