Varier Video Blog series featuring the Gravity Balans

Posted on October 12. 2015



Varier Video Blog series featuring the Gravity Balans

The first video in our VARIER VIDEO BLOG SERIES features the Gravity balans chair. The Gravity balans was designed by Peter Opsvik in 1984 and is now considered a design classic. Did you know that you can sit in several positions in a Gravity balans? Watch the following video to see it in all positions as explained by our master Varier ambassador and physiotherapist Jacques Walg. 

Introducing Jacques

Jacques Walg is our most esteemed Varier ambassador and a physiotherapist. With decades of knowledge on our Varier Movement chairs and an inherent understanding of healthy sitting, Jacques now focuses his time on spreading the word about active sitting to a wider audience.

All about the Gravity balans


Designer: Peter Opsvik. 

Opsvik is a Norwegian designer born in 1939. Although he is probably most known for his furniture designs he is also an artist and a jazz saxophonist!  Peter Opsvik has won a Norwegian music award called “Spellemansprisen” for his jazz music and has had several art exhibitions. He is definitely a multi-faceted personality.

“Being well-balanced is a prerequisite for effortless movement. When we lean against a wall or a support of some sort, we can only remain still for for a few minutes before feeling discomfort. If on the other hand we stand freely and are balanced, we always choose movement, shifting our weight from one foot to the other, pacing to and fro, etc.” –Peter Opsvik


The Gravity balans was launched in 1983.

Movement facts:

Peter Opsvik said this about the Gravity balans: “It is not a chair, it is a way of life”.  Traditionally people surround themselves with one kind of furniture for resting and another kind of furniture for performing activities. The Gravity balans is both highly conceptual and highly functional. It can be used in three different positions (as a kneeling chair, rocking chair, and recliner). It supports the back and the neck while continuously promoting flow and movement in countless positions. 

 “It is not a chair, it is a way of life” -Peter Opsvik on the Gravity balans

The Gravity balans is a great statement piece for Scandinavian design connoisseurs but what usually sells it the most to people that don’t know about it and people that know about it alike is the fact that it is incredibly comfortable. When lying in “resting” position you actually feel weightless. Perfect for you and your thoughts.  

You can read more about the Gravity balans on the   Gravity balans product page

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