Varier Video Blog series featuring the Variable balans

Posted on October 12. 2015



Varier Video Blog series featuring the Variable balans

This video in our VARIER VIDEO BLOG SERIES features the Variable balans chair. The Variable balans was designed by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik in 1979. Chances are, you may have a vague memory of this chair. Do you recognise the original kneeling chair? Watch the following video to see why this chair is still relevant today. 

Introducing Jacques

Jacques Walg is our most esteemed Varier ambassador and a physiotherapist. With decades of knowledge on our Varier Movement chairs and an inherent understanding of healthy sitting, Jacques now focuses his time on spreading the word about active sitting to a wider audience.

Let’s talk about the Variable balans!


Peter Opsvik: Norwegian designer born in 1939. He is a designer, an artist and a jazz saxophonist.

Peter Opsvik is probably most famous for the childrens chair Tripp Trapp and the iconic Variable balans (launched in 1979).  Other chairs he has designed that are produced by Varier are the Gravity balans, Wing balans, Thatsit balans, Multi balans, Pendulum and Actulum.

“My theory about sitting is very simple: if we’re allowed to move, we move.” –Peter Opsvik

Inspiration behind the design:

The Variable balans was conceptualized based on the theory that the body should be in constant movement. In fact, movement and variation are of primary importance in most of Opsviks ergonomic chair designs. The Variable is the perfect chair design for conscious sitters who like to sit “actively” while strengthening their back and abdominal muscles. The Variable balans is designed in a way that makes muscles bear the weight of sitting and not the spine. 


Follows the natural body movement
Promotes natural, upright posture
Prevents tension in neck and shoulders
Strengthens core and abdominal muscles
Enhances deep breathing
Improves concentration through increased blood circulation and oxygen supply
Energizes and combats tiredness
Reduces pressure on vertebral discs

The Variable balans is an iconic design that suits everything from the home office to a modern office space. A space that displays the Variable is making a statement about iconic Norwegian design or just being forward-thinking  and health conscious. Which one are you?

You can read more about the Variable balans on the

Variable balans product page

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