Velvet relaxation

Posted on May 16. 2017



Velvet relaxation

Our recliners Peel and Kokon are available in velvet this year, and this year only. This exclusive Limited Edition “Harald” is a tribute to 100% comfort, style and quality.

Weekends and quiet evenings are primetimes for the recliner chair. During those hours, your body is in recreation mode. The perfect time to treat yourself to the luxurious softness of velvet. Velvet is the best choice when it comes to comfort - it's soft and warm against the skin all year round. But it also gives your home the tender touch of nobility.

For centuries, velvet has been the fabric for kings and queens. The beautiful shimmering fabric is not only visually stunning, but also especially warm and soft, making it the perfect material for voluminous robes and deluxe wall drapes. Ever since its invention in the 8th century, it was used for clothing and home décor. The elaborate production process made it a luxurious fabric only affordable for the nobility.

Velvet is woven into two foundations at the same time, which are later separated with a razor blade. That’s how the surface gets its typical furry look and feel.

Healthy sitting in style

Our Limited Edition combines a unique softness with style and healthy sitting. You are not meant to sit still. Being in constant movement protects your spine and internal organs and gives your body the space it needs. Our recliners allow your body to move intuitively, gliding from one sitting position to the next. The relaxed movement that you will experience will reshape the way you sit and increase your overall wellness. Combined with the velvet fabric, your relaxation experience will be even more rewarding.

Limited Edition

The velvet fabric “Harald” used for our Peel and Kokon was originally designed by the award winning Swedish textile designer Fanny Aronsen, renowned for her luxurious and sophisticated contemporary fabrics. It’s 100% cotton from sustainable resources. The dark blue is a new colour introduced by Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons, one of the most influential men’s designers working today.

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