Burn calories while sitting

Posted on August 22. 2017

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Burn calories while sitting

You think you have a risk-free job working from an office? Think again: full-time office workers face considerable health risks.

What does your typical working day look like? You get up, take a shower, have breakfast, drive to work, maybe grab a coffee on the way. This is for most people already half of the activity they will do that day, and by then it might not even be 9 am in the morning. Because what follows is hours and hours of sitting at a desk. And most probably on the couch in the evening. It’s no news that the “sitting disease” leads to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and increased risk of cancer. Doctors, physio therapists and researchers have been warning about it for years now.


We always knew it, but now it’s official

What’s news is that it’s now officially proven that our Move can prevent these negative impacts. The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical institution committed to patient care, research and education, has given Move the NEAT™ certification. The NEAT™ certification designates products that increase calorie burn. For the test of the Move, a baseline was established where each subject was seated in a regular office chair. When these participants sat on the Move instead, they increased energy expenditure of over 18 percent above the baseline.

No wonder that we at Varier were thrilled about these findings: “Healthy sitting is the way to go forward, and we are excited about this data proving that our Move is a healthier way to work. Using it encourages movement, keeps your core engaged, and burns calories. People are more and more aware of the health concerns linked to prolonged and static sitting. We offer a solution for everyone, whether at the office, at home or in schools,” says our CEO Jesper.

See for yourself – we have the data!

But how does this actually work? Well, it’s quite simple: Our sit-stand chair Move does not only provide an open angle sitting position that is healthy for your back and posture, but also keeps you active at all times. It follows every move you make and strengthens your core and back muscles. In order to show you real results, we developed the GLOW app, a tool that shows you exactly how many calories you burn while sitting on the Move. You simply download the app, attach the Glow tracker to the underside of your Move ™ chair, and connect with the Glow app. It tracks and monitors your every move and helps you develop healthy sitting habits by providing encouraging feedback. You’ll find out that the more actively you sit, the more calories you burn.


Get your free GLOW and change your sitting habits forever

With every Move you buy in the month of September, we give you a GLOW for free. Order the Move on our webshop in any colour and fabric you like and find the GLOW in your delivery box. You will love how good it feels to bring back movement into your working life. Let’s Move together!

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