Do you cross your legs while seated?

Posted on November 16. 2015

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Do you cross your legs while seated?

Here is why you shouldn’t.

If you want to save the health of your spine, you should know that sitting with legs-crossed is detrimental for your spinal health. The correct way to sit in a chair requires you to place your feet flat on the ground. That means no crossing your legs or sticking them out in front of you. If placing your feet completely flat on the ground is uncomfortable, prop your feet on to something. A small laptop stand or some old, thick books work well as makeshift props.

‘The most important thing when sitting is actually the frequent change of position’

The Variable balans encourages variation while seated, so you can interchange between kneeling on the kneepads or putting your feet flat on the ground. If you’ve ever been to told to sit with your back completely straight on a traditional chair, this is wrong as well. No one can hold that one position for very long. You will begin to feel tension. This is because humans are not made for sitting. We were definitely not made to sit in a “h” position with our bottoms on a flat surface. In fact, when seated this way, the is spine misaligned. We understand that avoiding sitting altogether is not a practical option for the modern man. That is why we produce chairs that encourage variation, with a seat that is tilted downwards. This actually places the spine in the same position as when standing. This alongside constant variation in sitting positions removes tension on the spine and eradicates pain. So uncross those legs and sit properly.

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