Vera Bertens and her home office in The Netherlands

Posted on February 1. 2017



Vera Bertens and her home office in The Netherlands

Vera Bertens and her home office in The Netherlands

Vera Bertens is a designer, illustrator and author of franje design. 

In The Netherlands there is magic behind each one of the seasons. Autumn, however, has a special effect on the city of Tilburg. The historical textile landmarks and industrial artifacts are nestled along the southern border, surrounded by brilliantly coloured leaves and many museums. Vera lives close to the downtown area, near the art-district, which is comprised of several workshops for the local artists. 

As I look around the top floor of Vera’s home, which she has converted into her home office, the sun streams through the gaping windows. The light casts a glow around her artwork and photographs, resembling the golden colour of the trees outside.

Vera’s specialty, little creative art pieces, are scattered across her work space.

We sit down, she sits on her Varier Thatsit and I sit across from her. She tells me a little about what she does and we discuss the importance of movement, creativity and wellness. 

So how did you come across creative design and writing?

VB: I was always a crafter but I was never very good at drawing things as they are. The realistic style was never my thing and then I started art school and I discovered a whole new side to the style of illustrating. You can do collage technique, you can paint, or actually, do whatever you like.

We look through some of her work. She continues, reflecting on what brought her to where she is today.

VB: If your mindset is very visual, like mine, then it is great to find a way to communicate whatever I’m seeing in my head, to other people. I still see a lot of things in the outside world, that maybe other people don’t see.

Her designs are subtle, beautiful, yet so original you can’t help but smile when you look at them. I notice the drawings of lamas in the corner of her desk.

Her eyes light up when she tells me about her love for the 1950’s style in America. The glamourous time period with bright colours and unique patterns intrigued her. She searched for the animals that were unlikely to find a home in the art world. Once she found lamas, it was “love at first sight.” Since then, you can see that she strives to incorporate all animals that have a nerdy or dorky manner, the outcasts, if you will, into a spunky design that references the 50’s style.

Vera is also the author of franje design, a blog for both Dutch and English readers. She tells me that it is a way to connect with her followers and show them what inspires her during daily life, from museums to the zoo.

Being a Varier employee, I pay attention to how people move when sitting. I can’t help but smile, looking at Vera change positions and alternate postures. She is gently rocking back and forth, shifting her feet on and off the kneepads, and arching back to rest her arm on the outstretched backrest. 

Well it seems like the Thatsit is the perfect chair to support all of your movement. (We laugh because I notice she does not like to sit still) So tell me how you came across and decided on Varier? 

VB: I started looking for chairs because I got really bad back and shoulder pain from the outdated desk chair I had. I started, well, just Googling and looking around for ergonomic chairs and I found loads of them, but none of them looked nice and special. I came across Varier, and thought, this really looks different, so it probably feels different too.

Her home office includes two desks, one for computer work and designs, and the other for photography, sewing and packaging. The Thatsit, the kneeling chair, is in front of the stationary desk with her computer and other paper work. The Move, a sit stand chair, is beside the desk with a camera and sewing machine. 

VB: When I first found Varier, I went to a local dealer and they offered a month trial period. I took it home and after 4 days I was already sold.

Did you notice a transformation right away?

VB: When I had a normal desk chair, I use to be like this all day (she rounds her back and sticks out her neck).

I am able to mimic her easily, as I too have experienced the discomfort of having to sit for hours behind a desk with no movement chair.

We both look ridiculous, but the sad truth is that many people struggle with changing their posture after developing these bad sitting habits.

She sits upright, reclines back in the Thatsit and continues her story.

VB: The best is; it really helps me not only in a physical way but also for my mental state. I did not mind having a little muscle pain for a little while, if that means I won’t be having the other pain the rest of my life. 

After chatting with Vera, I saw how her art, both intricate and imaginative, exemplifies her passion towards life. She is continuously searching for beautiful things that may be overlooked by the masses. Movement plays a special role in Vera’s life, whether it is behind her desk or out and about.

Varier recognizes that our bodies are made to move, the chairs are designed for people seeking wellness, comfort and inspiration. Vera is a perfect ambassador for our brand, she is passionate in life and in work and dedicated to the movement towards healthy sitting.

-Taylor Danna

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