See the Variable at an interior stylist’s home

Posted on August 3. 2018



See the Variable at an interior stylist’s home

Entering Kathy’s apartment building in Berlin, one can already guess that she has a sense for interior. Her light-flooded apartment is situated in an old school building, where renovated hallways and broad stairways bring back nostalgic memories. Any design fan’s heart would beat faster walking through this linear and calm architecture.

Kathy Kunz is interior designer in Berlin. She styles private apartments, locations for real estates and photo shoots, and start-up offices. And her own flat, of course! Here, the main room has a high sealing and consists of living room, kitchen and dining area. From there, you can step onto the balcony and enter the bedroom with a desk corner. At Kathys, design furniture meets flee market trophies, and selected colors are accompanied by black and white shapes. Fresh flowers and art prints complete the picture. Spotted in the middle of it all – whether at the desk or the dining table: the Variable.


Read the interview to find out what interior means to Kathy:

  • What do you like best about being an interior stylist?

That’s a good question! There is a lot actually: I love it, when something totally random inspired me and sets free a creative flow. I love being challenged by new projects, to learn how different people live and what is important to them at home.

  • What’s important for you in your home office?

Having a tidy desk is really vital for me (even if it doesn’t always look like that). The tidier my work area, the more focused I can work. When stuff is lying around, I get easily distracted.

  • How would you describe your interior style?

I wouldn’t say that I have one certain style. It’s subject to constant and fluid change. Meaning that I don’t want to limit myself or be categorized. Having said that, the High-Lox mix is definitely defining my style: design furniture next to an Ikea piece. Also, I like to feel things: how an object feels like when we touch it, when we sit on it, when we lie on it is important when it comes to choosing furniture, art or products.

  • Does the Variable fit those criteria mentioned above?

I’ve had the Variable on my radar for a long time, but I was never really sure if it would fit to my other furniture. But I love the black-black combination! I also think it’s great that I can transport it so easily from one room to another. Try that with a bulky office chair. That way I can also work at the dining table, which is perfect for home office days.

  • How does it feel sitting on the Variable, in comparison to your regular chair?

I sit much more upright and don’t cross my legs anymore, which is great! I also like that I can shift my sitting position and try out different combinations – that’s often so much more uncomfortable on a chair with a back rest. And I love the tilting motion!

Check out Kathy’s website and Instagram

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