Studio Visit - Aula

Posted on December 11. 2019



Studio Visit - Aula

Aula hit the Norwegian design scene running in 2018, positioning themselves as a studio to watch when awarded newcomer of the year at the BoBedre Design Awards just eight months after opening their studio. Together, Sara and Marie constitute Aula; an anthropological design studio focusing on the relation between people, space and object.

With a degree in anthropology and design respectively, Marie and Sara boast a fresh approach to design grounded in anthropology. The duo embarks on projects ranging from product design, to interior architecture and set design, where the common denominator is implementing an anthropological approach. The two met while working for an international furniture brand, before continuing to work as as colleagues in a lifestyle concept store just outside of Oslo. After several years as co-workers, they decided to join forces and make their partnership official, opening their Oslo-based studio - Aula.

“We work closely with producers; this enables us to create products where there is a need or desire for them. The Norwegian design scene is small, and we believe collaboration is key. We like to view our industry fellows as potential partners rather than competitors. It may be a bit naïve, but it has worked for us so far.”

“There is always this conflict when designing new things. On one hand the world does not really need another object, but on the other hand if we don’t design them, someone else will. There are so many societal mechanisms that rely on the production and consumption of products, and our contribution is doing this in the most conscientious way possible.”

“We strive for sustainability in all stages. Sourcing materials and producing locally is an important factor for us. This can at times present a bit of a challenge in Norway because of high cost levels.”

The duo launched their latest product Pel, just in time for Christmas. A candleholder in cast aluminum and bronze, produced in the Norwegian city of Elverum, each processed by hand and numbered. “Our goal has never been to reach a crazy number of items sold. We want to create products that people cherish and hopefully pass on from one generation to the next.“

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