The Art Exchange

Posted on April 8. 2020



The Art Exchange
Photography: Barbara and Katharina
An artist in Munich and a design aficionado in Frankfurt embark on a four-month long collaboration to exchange acrylics and pencil strokes for a sitting experience out of the ordinary.  

Katharina Santl is an artist based just outside of Munich. Applying a customer centric approach, she works with mixed techniques, from acrylic paints, to water color and drawing, creating unique abstract pieces. A three-hour train ride away in Frankfurt, Barbara runs her own shop where she cultivates her passion for 20th century furniture, modern design classics and vintage pieces. Barbara is an avid collector, and among her many finds she had acquired a vibrant blue Ekstrem from the 1980s. Upon sharing a photo of the eye-catching chair in October of last year, reactions were many. Back in Munich, Katharina was mesmerized, and decided to reach out to Barbara to share her excitement.

“I had had my eye on Ekstrem and its wonderful, sculptural design for a long time, but when I saw it in Barbara’s home, it sealed the deal. I sent her a message telling her how excited I was about the chair, and she told me that she really liked my paintings. A phone call later and it was settled, we both had something the other wanted, so we decided to swap!” says Katharina.

Esktrem in Katharina's living room

Running a furniture business of her own, Barbara was no stranger to passing on great finds. She was set on giving up her chair on one condition – that Ekstrem be featured in the art piece itself in some shape or form. “If Ekstrem was going to leave my home, I wanted it to be immortalized in the piece itself. Katharina thought the idea was great and began experimenting with how it could be done,” Barbara goes on to say.

A close up of art canvases from Katharina's studio

Four months of iterations and messaging back and forth, resulted in the art piece which now adorns the wall above Barbara’s sofa. “I loved the idea of having the chair be integrated in the picture itself, it just makes it that much more special and adds to the value of the piece. I’m sure it’ll be something we can both look back on, remembering how fun and special it was working on this together,” Katharina says.

Katharina’s newly attained Ekstrem is now the centerpiece in her bright living room where it is enjoyed by her and feline friends alike. Barbara can admire her new art piece while still settling down in an Ekstrem. As luck has it, she has a black model as well.

Art piece with Ekstrem over sofa in Barbara's living room
Ekstrem in Katharina's living room

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