The professional home

Posted on April 17. 2020



The professional home
Our homes used to be divided into rooms with specified functions. Today, life at home is becoming increasingly fluid. We find ourselves streaming series in the kitchen, eating in bed and working in the living room. This behavioral shift places new demands on our homes and requires us to rethink how we furnish them. 

As we enter an era where an increasing number of us work from home, we will be faced with a choice of improving our home working conditions, and this can be done in a number of ways. One option is to prepare a dedicated workplace equipped with specialized office furniture. Alternatively, we can furnish our homes with dynamic furniture that suits the combined demands of both leisure and work.

The body’s natural needs remain the same, whether you are eating dinner or preparing a presentation for your next meeting. To reach forward for a second serving by the dining table constitutes the same movement as when reaching for the phone by your desk. When leaning back to stretch after enjoying a well-prepared meal, you perform the same movement as when leaning back to answer an incoming call.

By designing for movement, we want our products to bring balance to everyday life – for both mind and body, at work and at home. Join us in exploring a selection of our most versatile chairs.

Variable Monochrome in oxide by dining table, a great home office set up

In Aarhus, Denmark, photographer Marianne Jacobsen often works on Variable by her dining table. Pictured here in the Oxide colorway from the Monochrome Series, Variable is a beautiful addition to her harmoniuous space.

Variable with backrest by a desk in airy living room in Milan

Pattern designer Silvia Stella Osella has a dedicated workspace corner in her airy living room. Variable in natural wood, upholstered in Revive from Kvadrat fits perfectly. Adding the optional backrest provides even more flexibility, opening up for a wider range of positions.

Variable monochrome in Stone in a colorful blue living room

Finding balance in the everyday can be difficult. Finding balance while seated on the other hand, does not need to be. In Alessandra’s home in Milan Variable in Stone from the Monochrome Series matches her bright blue walls.

Woman seated on Variable in front of an easel, painting.

As the name indicates, Variable encourages variation, where the kneeling posture is one of many. The curved runners allow you to seamlessly shift between positions without interrupting your creative flow.

Move stool by a desk

In Franziska’s home in Germany, Move is more than just an office chair. Its lightweight properties makes it easy to move around to wherever the family may need it. Move frequents both the kitchen counter and her son’s rooms. 

Move stool by desk in Antonias lightfilled home

One for you and one for me. Move works great as an additional chair, either in the home office or in the living room when having guests over. Pictured here in Antonia’s home in Munich.

Move stool by a desk in beautiful Berlin home

Move in Revive Pale Apricot from Kvadrat and a black lacquered base in Claudia’s Berlin home.

Actulum chair in home office

Actulum in natural lacquered wood looks just as good by the dining table as it does in the home office in this Oslo apartment.

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