We are proud to announce the launch of our Motion chair!

Posted on June 13. 2017



We are proud to announce the launch of our Motion chair!

We created a chair that keeps you active and comfortable at the same time. Let us introduce the perfect chair for a healthy day at work.

“We know for a fact that sitting is killing you. So we need to rethink our furniture.” This was the approach of the design duo Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard when they started working on the Motion. In a time where people spend most hours during the day sitting at a desk, movement chairs become Increasingly relevant and popular. Varier introduces the Motion, an office chair that comfortably supports you, but keeps you active at the same time.

Designed by award-winning design duo

The Motion is a height-adjustable, saddle shaped chair. The rubber base - inspired by the bottom of tennis shoes - provides support for a 360° range of motion. The enclosed foam base gives your body optimal circulation, even when you are not consciously thinking about it. Due to the man-made, recyclable material, the Motion is light weight and can be carried around easily. The handy button underneath the seat changes the height of the Motion smoothly and quickly, giving you exactly the height you need to comfortably sit or stand.

“Both comfort and design were our main priorities when it came to designing this chair. The secret of the Motion is that it has a simple and clean geometry on the outside, but a very soft feel on the inside”, says designer Kasper Salto. The Danish design duo Salto & Sigsgaard have worked as a team since 2005. Their award-winning work includes designs for leading manufacturers such as Lightyears, Nemo Cassina and Onecollection.

Open-angle and Balanced Sitting

“To sit good you need a seat that supports you well, and to be in motion you need a base that is not still.” (Kasper Salto)

Our bodies are made to move. The Motion follows every move you make and therefore strengthens your core and back muscles, helping you maintain a natural, upright posture. Due to the saddle-shaped seat, the pelvis rotates forward, which helps maintain the natural posture. The soft base makes it easy to balance and tilt from side-to-side, or back and forth in gentle movements.
“Our consumers requested a fresh, unique chair that combined exercise and wellness, and the Motion has all that, in addition to being a beautifully designed chair. In a time with many purpose-specific sit/stand stools on the market, we are thrilled to offer the Motion, that combines comfort, design and the fitness factor. It’s the modern office chair that everyone has been waiting for”, says Jesper Petersen, CEO of Varier Furniture.

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