What we've been up to

Posted on January 26. 2018



What we've been up to

Happy New Year, dear Varier fans! We hope your new year was off to a good start. We’ve already been busy planning the year ahead. But not without taking some time to reflect on the year that has passed. So, what happened in 2017? 

Launched a fabulous new office chair

The Motion by Danish design duo, Salto & Sigsgaard, is the newest edition to our portfolio. The modern office chair with its characteristic saddle shaped seat and the rubber base was sold to over 15 countries, quickly making it to one of our focus products. 

You can call us NEAT

You might have never heard of a NEAT certification, but it’s pretty known in the US. The Mayo clinic, ranked No. 1 on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll, awards the NEAT certification to products that “help people achieve specific goals related to activity.” In our case, they proved that Move users burn 18% more calories than those who use conventional office chairs. This confirms that the Move has a real impact on your health.

Moved into an awesome new showroom

We basically outgrew our old one. Too little space for all those chairs, and all those colleagues. In July, we moved into a beautiful loft showroom in Oslo’s furniture mecca, Thune. Now we call 600 square metres our own, where anyone can come and try our chairs. Make sure to pop by when you’re in Oslo.

Got covered with style

We are always looking for the newest and most sustainable interior trends. So, when we heard about Revive, we immediately chose to cover our chairs with this fabric, which is made from 100% recycled plastic. It’s basically your used water bottles that are made into high-quality polyester. The production process behind it is much more efficient than virgin polyester. Less energy and chemicals are used, while CO2 emissions are minimised. It’s also super resistant, easy to clean and the most affordable fabric in our collection.

Helped you rock n’ burn

The iconic Variable balans designed in the 70s was the best-selling chair in 2017, topping 2016 by 50%. That’s super for all these office workers out there, who get to rock through their desk work on those tilted runners. We’ll definitely set even higher goals as we are approaching the 40th anniversary of the chair in 2019.

A close second favourite for our customers is the Move. If we calculate it in calories, we sold so many that in just one work week, all the Moves combined burned more than 10 million calories. That’s equivalent to the calories an adult burns in 10 years.

Back to work now

We’re pretty excited for 2018. A lot has happened in 2017, but 2018 will get even busier. We can’t really tell you anything just yet, but our product development team is very busy right now, to say the least. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned.

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