4 for 3 Social®

Combine Social® Turn and Social® Tilt and add a new dimension to the heart of your home. Socialize, work, dine, play, and entertain - Social® is designed to support all activities that take place around the dining table. Get more for less - when purchasing 4 Social® you’ll only pay for 3. The discount is automatically applied at check-out when shopping online. If you wish to try Social® and experience the chair, visit one of our trusted dealers - the 4 for 3 offer is also applicable to in-store purchases.

“The dining room is no longer just a place to have breakfast or dinner. It’s also where the kids play, the parents work. It’s a space for entertaining, relaxing.”

- Marius Myking, Director of Product Design in Snøhetta

Social®, a dining chair and so much more

Long gone are the days when meals were the sole or primary activity taking place around the dining table. Life around the table has changed for good. So should our chairs. Designed in collaboration between Varier and Snøhetta, Social® combines Nordic simplicity and design aesthetics with innovative mobility features never before seen in a dining chair.

Social® in a family home in Copenhagen

Freja, her one-year-old daughter Ruth and her husband Magnus call a charming, old loft in Frederiksberg home. The heart of their home lies within the kitchen's dining area. On each end of the dining table a Social® Tilt is placed. The chairs have become a go-to when feeding their toddler. “We absolutely love the ability to move with the chair while feeding Ruth, the little rocking motion makes it so much more pleasant and fun. She loves it too!”

“We wanted to design a chair that brings you closer to those around you.” says head of product design at Snøhetta, Marius Myking. Read more about our collaboration with Snøhetta and the design process.

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