Rethink sitting

A chair is an invitation to move

Movement is a basic human instinct, an essential aspect of a healthy body and balanced mind. That’s why all our chairs invite you to move while you sit, so that you can create a home that’s not only beautiful and functional, but a space where you can thrive.

Social®, a dining chair and so much more

Life around the dining table has changed for good, so why haven’t our chairs? Combine Social® Turn and Social® Tilt and add a new dimension to the heart of your home. Socialize, work, dine, play, and entertain - Social® is designed to support all activities that take place around the dining table.

A kneeling chair is definitely an eye-catching piece of furniture, but is it actually good for you? Read on to discover the key features and benefits a kneeling chair has to offer.

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"The chairs have become so popular in our home, and we're always moving them around to different rooms."

Freja Bak Josias on Social®

Home Story: Freja Bak Josias

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Studio Visit: Kristine Hasseløy

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Home Story: Lea Rohe

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