Studio Visit: Kristine Hasseløy

Kristine Hasseløy spent most of her younger years upside down. In her childhood home, everything stayed in the same place, the lay-out of the living room was set, the sofa had its place, there was no other way it could be. On her head in the sofa, looking up, the ceiling revealed itself. A blank canvas where anything could happen.

Join us in Milan

Meet us in Milan! We will be in the city for Salone del Mobile and our showroom will be open all week. We will be showcasing the newest addition to the Varier product range for the first time, alongside other Varier classics. Come on by and have a seat, we look forward to welcoming you to our home in Milan.

No time to be sad

Not many 90-year-olds can boast a following of near one hundred thousand on Instagram. Meet the accidentally aged model who also happens to be Italy’s oldest influencer, Licia Fertz.

Emilia Ilke

Like many of us, Stockholm-based artist Emilia Ilke has been working from home during the last year. While buckets of paints and sketches have turned their living room into almost a full-time studio, Emilia has had a long-time love for incorporating interior objects into her art. She works with motifs such as vases, mugs, and bowls, and her works have taken shape as carpets, blankets, and wallpapers. Functioning as a playground for the kids as well as an office space for paperwork, her black Ekstrem™ chair matches the playfully beautiful life of the Swedish artist. 

Which kneeling chair is right for you?

Are you curious about the benefits a kneeling chair has to offer, but feel unsure about which one is right for you? Variable™, Variable™ Plus, and Thatsit™ are all supreme work chairs ideal for the home office. All three are intended for use by standard height tables and allow you to vary between the kneeling position and more traditional postures. We have summarized the key differences between the three to help you identify the kneeling chair that best suits your needs.

Color in motion

From the edges of her emotions to sassy lemon curd pies, learn more about how Move strengthens Astri’s creative process, and what she thinks we all should learn from art.

A moment with Maria Black

Maria Black graduated as a goldsmith in 2009, before she started selling her first designs on Sunday Upmarket in East London. Find out how a legendary Christmas party led to her in-house piercing service and read more about her journey to an internationally renowned jewelry brand.

Jos Pelders on Ekstrem™ in Gentle

We sat down with Jos Pelders, the founder behind the Febrik side of Kvadrat Febrik, in the middle of his habitual running between daunting large airports and client meetings to talk about all things textile and all things Ekstrem™. Varier has developed a tight-knit relationship with the innovative knit makers of Febrik during the last couple of years and has collaborated with them on the latest rendition of the iconic Ekstrem™ chair, the Ekstrem™ in Gentle.

Work comfortably from home

Sometimes home is the best office. While other times, it might feel as if life is getting in the way. If you don't have the luxury of having a designated home office area - be it a separate room, a nook, or even a desk - we believe that you can still work comfortably from home, on a chair of your own.

Introducing Ekstrem™ in Gentle

Discover the newest addition to the Varier collection. Ekstrem™ is now available in Gentle - a lush knitted velvet upholstery fabric in six new colorways.

Varier x Ingrid Bredholt

Future Holds is an interdisciplinary design collaboration between Varier and Norwegian designer Ingrid Bredholt. Working without the constraints of complying to traditional ideas of what a chair is supposed to be, the collaboration transcends borders between art, fashion and furniture.

Playing dress-up in Copenhagen

If Marie wasn’t working as a content creator she would pursue a life on stage, living out her love for musical theatre. When decorating her Copenhagen home, she opts for eclectic pieces that demand attention where Ekstrem™ fits right in. And the sitting experience? Take it from her dad who claims it’s the most comfortable chair she’s ever had

The concept of kneeling chairs and how they work

The concept of sitting in a kneeling-like position is nothing new, it can be traced back centuries, to ancient Buddhist traditions or to the traditional Japanese seiza style of sitting. The concept of modern kneeling chairs as we know them today, however, was first introduced in Norway during the last half of the 1970s. Join us as we take a deep dive into the origin of kneeling chairs and explore the benefits the kneeling posture has to offer.

Capturing contrasts

Spending time behind the camera is not only a creative outlet for Mia Mortensen, it is an all-encompassing passion. The talented Dane’s photography acts as an equal ode to slow Sunday mornings as to creative storytelling through shapes and colors. Portraying motifs ranging from portraits to still lifes, she often aims her lense at corners of her own home - a playfully curated space, where contrasts rule and Ekstrem fits right in.

Introducing the Varier Textile Collection

In close collaboration with Oslo-based practice of architecture and design, Snøhetta, we are proud to present a curated selection of fabrics from Kvadrat Textiles. Grounded in a color concept that reflects our commitment to everyday movement, the Varier textile collection consists of altogether 45 carefully considered options, in a harmonious range of hues in mixed qualities.

Ekstrem Illustrated

In Viktor Sakshaug’s universe of bulky and rounded characters Ekstrem fits right in. The young Oslo-based illustrator has spent the last year refining his personal style and is happiest when he gets to draw characters doing things. Sitting on iconic pieces of Norwegian furniture for instance.

Studio Visit - Aula

Aula hit the Norwegian design scene running in 2018, positioning themselves as a studio to watch when awarded newcomer of the year at the BoBedre Design Awards just eight months after opening their studio. Together, Sara and Marie constitute Aula; an anthropological design studio focusing on the relation between people, space and object.

Relaunch of The Year

It was with great excitement we received the news that we were in the running for the 2019 BoBedre Design Award.

The professional home

Our homes used to be divided into rooms with specified functions. Today, life at home is becoming increasingly fluid. We find ourselves streaming series in the kitchen, eating in bed and working in the living room. This behavioral shift places new demands on our homes and requires us to rethink how we furnish them.

Say hi to Variable™ Plus

We are happy to introduce the newest addition to the Varier collection, Variable™ Plus. Developed in close collaboration with designer Peter Opsvik, Variable™ Plus is crafted to move with the body encouraging you to stretch, lean, twist, and sway as you sit.

Seeking Patterns

Silvia’s curious nature and ability to fully immerse herself led her to pattern design. After working for some of Europe's leading textile companies she decided to open her own studio, “I loved my work, but I was missing a sense of freedom.” Based in Milan, Silvia designs custom prints and patterns, art directs fabric collections and help brands strengthen their identities through color consultancy.

Meet MOS - a small agency with big ambitions

Three creative marketeers and an all-black lab – it’s the ultimate starter pack. The founders of MOS ditched the ping-pong table and beanbags when decorating their very first office space and opted for design made to last.