Which kneeling chair is right for you?

Are you curious about the benefits a kneeling chair has to offer, but feel unsure about which one is right for you? Variable™, Variable™ Plus, and Thatsit™ are all supreme work chairs ideal for the home office. All three are intended for use by standard height tables and allow you to vary between the kneeling position and more traditional postures. We have summarized the key differences between the three to help you identify the kneeling chair that best suits your needs. 


Original Kneeling Chair ®

This iconic design has been thriving since the late 70s. Free from mechanical adjustment parts, the original kneeling chair offers a no-fuss approach to a more balanced way of sitting. The design is intuitive and easy to use, with endless possibilities when it comes to sitting positions. If you've never tried a kneeling chair before this is the place to start. Variable™ is the perfect entry-level kneeling chair with supreme sitting comfort, guaranteed.

Ideal for multifunctional spaces

Lightweight and versatile, Variable™ can easily be moved around to wherever you might need it. During working hours, it will act as your most faithful office companion. When you clock out for the day, Variable™ doubles nicely as a spare seat for guests, or a place to tie your shoelaces on your way out the door. You can even hang it on the tip of your desk when you're done for the day, keeping it off the floor and out of the way.

Unrestricted movement

Thanks to its minimalist design, no elements keep you from frequently varying your position while seated. With Variable™ there is no right or wrong. Play around with it, sit sideways or turn the chair all the way around if you please. Keep in mind that without traditional back- or armrests to lean on, your body will need to work to keep its balance. To some, this is effortless, while others may experience that it requires some time getting used to as your muscles adapt to a new way of sitting. Allow yourself time to get familiar with your kneeling chair and check out this blog post for tips on how to be comfortable in your new chair.

Variable™ Plus

A kneeling chair that has your back

If you're not ready to give up backrests just yet but still crave the freedom of movement and variation that a kneeling chair has to offer, Variable™ Plus is the chair for you. The chair features the same base as Variable™, sporting all the same benefits, and is coupled with a fixed backrest. The backrest has an upholstered cushion and allows you to vary between a wider range of sitting positions. Lean in when focusing on a task in front of you and lean back and stretch out for small breaks or incoming phone calls.


The adjustable kneeling chair

Thatsit™ is an overall larger chair and features a wider seat and backrest for added comfort and support. Furthermore, Thatsit™ is adjustable, allowing you to find the setting that best supports you. When adjusting the height of the back, choose a setting that feels comfortable and allows you to rest your elbows at a natural angle when leaning back. Lift the lever under the seat to adjust the distance between the seat and the backrest. Opt for whichever setting feels right - this might even change throughout the day. The shin pads can be set closer or further apart from the seat. An ideal setting allows you to move freely, getting in and out of the chair without constraints, while still providing sufficient support when in the kneeling position. The wingback is a perfect spot to rest your elbows, lean back, or turn around and lean your torso against it for variation.

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A chair is a big investment. Not only in terms of money spent but above all, the time we spend using it. So many of us have work that requires us to sit down for long stretches of time. Your chair is the closest thing to you. Let's make sure it's a good one.

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