Sit down, stand easy

Move™ is the chair in the Varier collection which allows for the widest range of movement. It encourages you to actively find and maintain your balance, while still providing you with the support you need. Lightweight and versatile, Move™ is equipped to add variation to long work days by the desk, act as standing support while preparing dinner, or serve as a spare seat for guests. Read on to learn more about Move™ and Move™ Compact, and find the one best suited to your needs.

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Move™ is the perfect companion for height-adjustable desks or taller work surfaces, like the kitchen counter at home. Move™ is exceptionally versatile and can also be used as standing support independent of tabletops, whenever engaging in activities where freedom of movement is essential.

With its convex wooden base, rounded seat, and height-adjustable gas lift, Move™ accommodates your body's natural movements, helping you maintain an upright posture while seamlessly transitioning from sitting to near-standing positions.

The base of Move™ features integrated floor protection. Whether you have beautiful hardwood floors that you don’t want to scratch, or a tiled floor that you don’t want to slip on, your ability to move freely – tilt, spin and, slide – is kept intact.

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Move™ Compact

Move™ Compact features a smaller seat and base, as well as a lower seat height range, making it compatible with regular and fixed table heights. It was designed to optimally accommodate situations at home where you might not have access to a height-adjustable work surface but still crave variation and flexibility.

Move™ Compact has a seat height range starting at 49 centimeters, allowing for unrestricted movement in lower postures. The chair effortlessly follows your natural movements, providing the support you need to feel comfortable so that you can focus on the tasks that matter.

Move™ Compact is even lighter than Move™, making it convenient to move around the home to wherever you might need it. With a rubber fixture under the seat, you can place the chair on the tip of your desk when you’re done for the day, keeping it off the floor and out of the way.

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Move™ at Flids' Studio in Oslo.

“I think it might be the most perfect chair for sewing! It has definitely changed the way I operate, move, and behave in my workshop for the better. When I'm immersed in my projects, I shuffle between the sewing machine, cutting table, and ironing station. Move is so flexible, dynamic, and agile, allowing me to use it in various situations and positions while staying completely mobile and in reach of everything. I feel like the way it adapts to my body and the type of task being done helps prevent fatigue as well. It's just fantastic."

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