Sitting made levitational

When Peter Opsvik designed Gravity™ in the early 1980s, his intention was to create a single chair which could accommodate as many activities as possible. From the active and focused, to the completely relaxed. The result is not only a chair that is multifunctional without compromise - Gravity™ takes something as mundane as sitting and makes it an experience. Read on to learn more about the most eye-catching chair in the Varier collection.

Traditionally, our homes have been equipped with specific types of furniture dedicated to certain activities. One kind of furniture for resting and another kind for performing activities. Opsvik questioned this, seeking to find a single design which could accommodate the range of activities we carry out at home. The answer was Gravity™.

“After resting for a while, we want to be active, and after being active for a while, we want to rest. Why can’t we alternate between active and reclining body postures on one and the same chair?”

- Peter Opsvik on Gravity™

Gravity™ offers four different positions, from kneeling to fully reclined. You alter between these, not by adjusting the chair with the help of levers or other mechanical parts – you simply move intuitively, and the chair will follow. When sitting in Gravity™ you are so close to the balancing point that with the slightest shift of weight, Gravity™ takes you from one position to the next.

Relax into complete weightlessness

The fourth position and the feeling it provides has given the chair its name - the sensation of defying gravity. Reclining all the way back, your legs are elevated above your heart. In this levitation-like position, the chair gently rocks in response to the rhythm of your breathing, allowing you to relax into weightlessness.

The gap between the headrest and the tilting backrest provides space for freedom of movement for arms and shoulders. The headrest can be adjusted up and down depending on your preference. Being able to place our feet in different positions is essential for our well-being. It is also important that these foot supports do not slide away from us.


Sitting is not just placing your bottom on a flat surface, straightening your back and positioning your legs in columnlike positions parallel to one another. Sitting can be so much more. It can be expansive, liberating, levitational even. Discover a new way of sitting with Gravity™.

Peter Opsvik

Throughout his career, Opsvik has attempted to overcome our stereotypical sitting habits with his unconventional seating solutions. With a playful and human starting point, his work is a display of how norms of sitting nicely and sitting still can be broken. At Varier, Opsvik's philosophy has been and will always remain at the core of our beliefs—a commitment to reimagining the way we sit.

Gravity™ is available in a range of fabrics and finishes, configure the chair to suit your space and style.