Introducing the Varier Textile Collection

In close collaboration with Oslo-based practice of architecture and design, Snøhetta, we are proud to present a curated selection of fabrics from Kvadrat Textiles. Grounded in a color concept that reflects our commitment to everyday movement, the Varier textile collection consists of altogether 45 carefully considered options, in a harmonious range of hues in mixed qualities.

The new textile collection is an ode to movement, and the duality that movement represents. Movement can be slow or fast, passive or dynamic, natural or artificial, relaxed or energetic. This duality has been translated into an active and a calm color palette. The active palette consists of six primary colors with a twist, representing the active motion. The calm palette consists of six desaturated colors, representing the calmness in movement. Combined, the active and calm palette make up the Varier color wheel.

The textiles have been selected using a trio of criteria; sustainability, texture and color palette match. Fabrics which did not meet the criteria where simply removed, making the selection process intuitive and the collection cohesive. All fabrics included in the Varier textile collection contain a majority of either recycled content or renewable, natural resources. Ensuring that our chairs are not only gentle to our bodies, but our planet to boot.

Texture was prioritized to fit a range of tastes and needs. From the bold and graphic expression of a mono colored fabric that is smooth to touch, to the allure of a surface that changes depending on light and proximity – the Varier textile collection has something for every taste.

Alongside sustainability and texture, fit to the Varier color palette was a main criterion. With this approach, we secure that our commitment to everyday movement is not only represented in the curvature of the wood, the spacing between components, or the organic shape of our chairs - but translates all the way to the finishing touch of choice of fabric.