Snøhetta is a transdisciplinary, dialog-driven architecture and design practice. The studio’s adaptable approach to design and sensitivity toward context has resulted in global reach and critical acclaim. Varier’s collaboration with Snøhetta started in 2020, when we invited the Oslo-based product design team to curate our current textile collection. Through continuous conversations and a world that suddenly changed during Covid, our collaboration naturally grew into a new project - Social®.

Introduced in April 2023, the starting point for Social® was a shared desire to develop a meaningful response to changing needs.


The Social® project started with a diverse team from Snøhetta researching the dynamics of future homes and exploring their needs for increased flexibility. Complementing these insights with our expertise in ergonomics and Social® began to take form. What followed was a year-long process of product testing and real-time iterations before Social® Tilt and Social® Turn were finally born.

The Varier Textile Collection

A transdisciplinary team of designers and interior architects from Snøhetta, delved into the Varier universe, identifying a color concept that displays our commitment to movement, and translated this into a textile collection for 2021 and onwards.

The textiles were selected using a trio of criteria; sustainability, texture and color palette match. Fabrics which did not meet the criteria where simply removed, making the selection process intuitive and the collection cohesive.

Grounded in a color concept that reflects our commitment to everyday movement, the Varier textile collection is comprised of fabrics of unparalleled quality, curated by Snøhetta supplied by Kvadrat.

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