Life is lived around the table

Across cultures and generations, the dining table has served as an arena for meaningful connections – a place to relax, re-connect, share, celebrate and recharge. Transcending its practical function as a surface for meals, the dining table and its surrounding space serves as a focal point for life at home – and for many, it is the very heart of the home.

Lifestyle changes and shifts in our work lives has transformed the dining space. Not only is it the place we welcome guests and share experiences from the day that passed with loved ones. It is also our place of work. It is where the kids do their homework and where they play. It is where we fold our laundry and it is where we pursue our hobbies. The dining area has evolved into a space that accommodates all aspects of modern life – sparking the need for multifunctional furniture that supports us in the wide range of activities that now take place around the table.

The ways in which we use the dining space has changed, so why have our chairs remained the same?

A dining chair and so much more

Social® is a versatile shell chair fit for the ever-changing dining space. Available with either a tilting or swivel base, it’s designed to optimally support the different activities that take place around the table. Made from post-consumer polypropolene it features a smooth and durable surface which is easy to clean – making Social® fit to meet the demands of everyday life, even when it gets a little messy.

Combine Social® Turn and Social® Tilt and add a new dimension to the heart of your home. Try placing Social® Tilt at the head of the table, with Social® Turn down the sides. Social® is available with a range of upholstered accessories providing a warmer touch and feel. Pick and choose from our extensive upholstery collection and find the option that best suits your space and needs.

Social® Turn

A chair with a twist

Social® Turn might look like any other traditional chair on four legs, but there is more to the chair than first meets the eye. The base features a swivel component, which makes the seat seamlessly follow your movements allowing for smoother interactions around the table.

Come a little closer

With its swivel base, Social® Turn allows you to move intuitively and interact more comfortably around the table. During vibrant dinner parties, or slow mornings with the ones closest to you, Social® Turn is a comfortable spot where you will want to linger for just a little bit longer. Place Social® Turn along the sides of your table, and experience how interactions are smoother and more effortless when seated in a chair that moves with you.

Social® Tilt

Bend the rules

With its uniquely curved base, Social® Tilt allows you to tilt gently forward for extra focus and lean back when you wish to relax or reflect. The multi-functional shell chair is ideal when working or carrying out other focus-related activities at the dining table. Social® Tilt is UV-resistant and can even be used outdoors.

2023 Archiproducts Design Award

Social® Tilt has been honored with the 2023 Archiproducts Design Award. In a competition featuring many remarkable designs worldwide, Social® Tilt was selected for its concept, user-friendliness, technical quality and function.

In addition to the design award, Social® Tilt has also earned acknowledgment in the Archiproducts Sustainability Award. The award recognizes designs that excel in the utilization of recyclable and biodegradable materials, and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Lean in, stretch out

Social® Tilt accommodates seamless transitions around the table, from one position to the other, from one activity to the next. Lean in to focus, or lean in for a second serving of a well-prepared meal. The movement is the same, so why would you need an additional chair? Designed for long term comfort, Social® Tilt will support you from morning til evening, whatever is on your plate.

A Future Classic Made From Yesterday’s Waste

We believe in the inherent sustainability of enduring products. That’s why we strive to design premium quality furniture with a timeless appeal. We insist on collaborating with others who share our commitment to better and less wasteful production standards.

Social® is made in Italy from post-consumer recycled polypropylene, sourced from European household waste, discarded film and other plastic-based materials.

Social® Tilt
23.18 kg CO2e

Social® Turn
31.54 kg CO2e

Social® Tilt

Social® Turn

Social® Tilt
330.36 MJ

Social® Turn
440.63 MJ

A Year-Long Process

The Social® project started with a diverse team from Snøhetta researching the dynamics of future homes and exploring their needs for increased flexibility. Complementing these insights with our expertise in ergonomics and Social® began to take form. What followed was a year-long process of product testing and real-time iterations before Social® Tilt and Social® Turn were finally born.

Elevate your dining space by combining Social® Tilt and Social® Turn