Work comfortably from home

Sometimes home is the best office. While other times, it might feel as if life is getting in the way. If you don't have the luxury of having a designated home office area - be it a separate room, a nook, or even a desk - we believe that you can still work comfortably from home, on a chair of your own.

Working from home can sometimes feel like a balancing act. Carefully navigating between creating space to focus, without feeling like our professional commitments are chasing us into every corner of the house. How do we work comfortably from home, which is supposed to be the place where we retreat and unwind?

We can work anywhere, digital advances have secured that, but work is about more than just you and your computer. Working in a professional office environment caters to keeping you focused and on track, while life at home oftentimes is not as one-sided. While the desired result is ultimately the same – we need to get the job done - the means by which we get there really don’t need to be. Because it isn’t the same. You’re at home. You can indulge in an extra thirty minutes in bed, go for that morning run, or make yourself an extra decadent breakfast to start the day off right. As the day passes, you can stretch, dance, lay flat, or sit down. Answer emails at the kitchen counter, before taking a zoom call by your dining table. Why strive to mimic the rigidness of a traditional office, when your home offers so much more room for flexibility? While you might not have the physical room to spare for a dedicated home office space, we believe you can get far with a chair of your own. A chair that you don’t have to retire at the end of the workday, but that accommodates all aspects of life at home.

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