Introducing Ekstrem™ in Gentle

Discover the newest addition to the Varier collection. Ekstrem™ is now available in Gentle - a lush knitted velvet upholstery fabric in six new colorways

With Ekstrem™ in Gentle, we are proud to present a completely new way of upholstering a Norwegian design icon that has remained more or less unchanged since it was first launched in 1984.

The new Gentle upholstery is comprised of 28 separate pieces of fabric which are sewn together to two main covers, one for the left side of the chair and one for the right. The two pieces are then manually fitted to the chair. Ensuring a snug and correct fit is a strenuous task that requires considerable effort by skilled hands. The process takes close to five hours to complete.

Ekstrem™ in Gentle is available in four desaturated colors - Orange, Rose, Blue, and Green - as well as two monochromatic colorways represented by a classic Black and a striking White. Starting at 3.199 EUR, the new edition is now available at retail locations globally.