Mind Gravity™

A reinterpretation of Gravity™ by ILL-STUDIO

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Paris-based creative practice Ill-Studio has reworked Peter Opsvik's iconic Gravity™ chair and presented it in a new context. Through the visual language of new materials, colors, and textures, Ill-Studio’s take on Gravity™ extends beyond the realm of sitting, blurring the lines between emotional engineering and ergonomic fantasy.

Ill-Studio envisioned the Gravity™ chair as a functional sculpture that affects its users in far more ways than the mere fulfillment of physical needs. Through its positions from tasking to full zero gravity, Mind Gravity™ integrates different senses into one unified perceptual experience.

The Mind Gravity™ chair is a limited-edition project production, available for orders up to only 50 editions. Please reach out to info@varierfurniture.com for order inquiries, prices, and more details.