Per Øie, 1985

Move™ is the chair in the Varier collection which allows for the widest range of movement, enabling seamless transitions from sitting to near standing positions. Move™ is a versatile companion that will add variation to long workdays by the desk, serve as standing support while preparing dinner, or as a spare seat for guests. With its rounded base, it prompts you to sit actively encouraging micro-movements throughout the day, while still providing you with the support you need. Move™ pairs perfectly with height-adjustable desks and taller work surfaces

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Product details

The embeded movements of Move™

Move™ offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling effortless movement in all directions with its 360° range. Featuring a convex base, the chair will follow your body’s natural movements, while prompting you to actively engage your core to keep your balance. The lever under the seat makes adjusting the seat height effortless, enabling you to maintain an upright posture in sitting and near-standing positions.

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Chair Measurement:

Seat Ø: 43 cm

Base Ø: 40 cm

Seat Height: 56 - 82 cm or 65 - 87 cm

Box Measurement:

H 23 cm x L 44 cm x W 41,5 cm

Weight incl box:

7,1 kg

Move™ has a wooden base made from beech plywood. For a beautiful and durable finish, our plywood is covered with an ash top veneer, manually sanded and coated with water-based lacquers. The height adjustable mechanism is empowered by high-pressure gas, ensuring smooth and reliable transitions. The seat is made of sculpted foam.

  • Move™ is perfect for any height adjustable desk, use it as your primary work chair or as an addition to your traditional office chair for added variation
  • Home office, Office, Work space

Per Øie

Norwegian designer, Per Øie, graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 1958. His designs have been showcased around the world, including exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris, London and Copenhagen. Øie gained national recognition for his Move chair and was awarded the highly sought-after DOGA Honorary Award in 2002.

Maintain an upright posture while seamlessly transitioning from sitting to near-standing positions.

Lightweight and versatile. Learn more about our popular sit-stand chairs, their differences and find the one best suited to your needs.

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Choose between a range of wood finishes and different fabrics. Configure Move™ to suit your space and style.