Stay in your comfort zone

You know the saying, that nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone? Well, we’re actually champions of comfort. We believe you can be more than comfortable and still make great strides. Start the year off right with a chair that was designed to increase your sense of wellbeing and accommodate you and your body, rather than forcing you into awkward positions leaving you with nothing but an aching lower back and a strained neck. Instead, opt for a chair that has your back. That supports you so that you can focus on the things that matter. Whatever your passion, mission or goal - life is too short to be uncomfortable.

Read on about our most loved task chairs, discover their unique benefits, and get inspired by individuals who don't sacrifice comfort in their daily hustle towards their goals.

Thea Fremo Amundsen

Color Expert

With a background in retail design and concept development, Thea discovered her true calling when she realized her exceptional eye for colors. In the endless combinations, she seeks to translate the essence of a space, with the people living in it, into a color, creating truly unique and special environments.

Oda Stormoen

Sewing Entrepreneur

As a little girl, she started sewing clothes for her dolls and put on runways at home. Today Oda runs her own brand for make-it-yourself fashion, Flid, a community that inspires more people to start sewing their own clothes, and build a more sustainable wardrobe they feel connected to.

Andreas Samuelsson

Image creator

Known for his seemingly stripped-down images, Andreas makes the complicated more simple through his illustrations. From childhood, he has been captivated by the idea of crafting new spaces and pushing beyond the typical ways of expressing himself.